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Welcome to the Fitness Fusion Affiliate Program

Would you like to be an affiliate for my Fitness Fusion Food Freedom Programs earning 15% commission on each sale that comes in through you? 

I am very much a team player and I believe great things are achieved together, and in fact I prefer it that way. 

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I want to spread a REAL story of health

The biggest myth when it comes to food, health and weight issues is, people often think they are on their own suffering with this problem, of emotional eating or stubborn weight or a hatred of exercise and a love of biscuits. Society makes women feel like they have to be 20 forever and if they can’t get a handle on health, food or weight, then there must be something innately wrong with them. This makes women retreat from help and the forever online search happens at 1am in the morning when no one is looking. When ladies come to work with me, they often say “ it’s nice to know I’m not the only one”. So here is the method in my madness, if I have genuine people affiliating for me, then it reaches real people by real people with real stories (not the magazine glossed health industry stories,) and that gets real results in the real world while helping my business and other people’s pockets too. I just see it as a win win all the way around. 

Become a Fitness Fusion Affiliate 

I am always looking for new people to connect with to help grow Fitness Fusion Food Freedom. So get in touch to join the gang. 



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