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Meet Anna

Certified PT, Nutritionist &Therapist


Anna Ferguson's Qualifications: 

Personal Trainer


Pilates Instructor

Dance Trainer/Aerobics Trainer

Circuits Instuctor

Also Specialises in Alexander Technique  

NEW Facelift Massage

BWRT Practitioner (Level 1 & 2 training) 

BWRT Neurophysical Enhancement Trainer

Kinetic Shift Practitioner. 
Rapid Hypnotist

Allergy Response Therapy

Insomnia Sleep Therapy

Medic 1st Aid trained ]

Anna has more qualifications so please be sure to ask her about them when you speak to her, she actively encourages you to do your research 


Leeds born Anna is a fitness & nutrition expert, and has gone on to add therapist to her long line of qualifications. Coming from an Irish family,  she knows how to talk! Anna who began a career in performing arts as an actress, singer and dancer, has a real flair when talking and performing to an audience. Full of energy with the tiniest hint of an irish twang in her Yorkshire accent, Anna will hold your attention and have you gripped from the start

Due to Anna's own life and health problems, born with Hirschsprung's disease, her fascination with health, fitness and nutrition escalated. Anna was always striving to help herself and claims she ended up helping everyone else along the way. Anna also searched for freedom from a negative body image that like everyone, would occasionally sneak into her positive character. This is a path she pursues tirelessly, aiming to get everyone to "love" themselves into shape.

"No one ever hated themselves slim" she says.


 The longer Anna was in the industry the more she realised that change and health starts in the mind, and that led her down the psychotherapy path.

" Years ago I went in through the body,  now I go in through the mind to change the body, it's different to the rest of the health and fitness industry, but it works. I think it makes the process so much easier."


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