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Terms & Conditions 

What I promise to do for you.

I will promise to motivate, inspire, support and guide you with my expertise towards your health goals. I will aim to provide the best possible service. What I am asking from you is to trust and take action

PARQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)

​1. All clients without exception must fill in a medical questionnaire.​ This is for your safety as well as my insurance. All details are confidential. Online clients will be asked about their current state of health please answer truthfully. 



24hrs notice is required for cancellations

 If 24hrs notice is not given you will still be charged.​ If you rearrange immediately you will not be charged the cancellation fee, but 3 pre-rearranged cancellations in a row will receive a cancellation fee.



9pm is when my working day ends
Please contact me beween the hours of 9am - 9pm Mon-Thurs

Friday and Saturday between 9am - 3pm

Outside of these hours I am not working ​

Use your pre-paid sessions

​If you pay for a block of sessions you must use them within 6months or they will be deemed as void and no refund will be given. Emergency cancellations and suspended sessions due to illness or injury will be dealt with at the coaches discretion.​

Online Programs​​

​When you commit to one of my online programs, you commit as you would if I was seeing you in the flesh. You must also be aware that a full financial commitment is expected too. There will be no refunds and no part payments if you are wanting to bail out early. I expect you, if you sign up, to meet and adhere to the full financial responsibility. 

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