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Data Protection & Privacy Policy 

In adherence to the GDPR that commenced on the 25th May 2018
I am a member of ICO 
  • I do not spam email.

  • If you are receiving an email from me, you have voluntarily opted into my system. My systems show when and where you opted in so I have proof of your voluntary opt in.

  • I do not buy, sell, or share data whatsoever. Whatever personal data/information you share with me, stays with me. 

  • All data is double password protected, and on various different digital systems that can only be access by myself and you.

  • I have client confidentiality protocols in place. Anything you discuss with me is completely confidential, 

  • There is an opt out button at the top of every single email I send out, if you choose to use it, your data will be deleted from my system.

  • If you are a regular customer/client then some data such as medical questionnaires will be kept, this is so I can adhere to my insurance policies by law and to ensure yours and my safety when working with people before and after any Fitness Fusion programs.

Any questions do not hesitate to ask Anna Ferguson 

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