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Media and Publicity

If you are in the media and wish to contact us, please use the button below, and your information will be forwarded on to Lindsey, Anna's media manager.

Anna regularly does all kinds of media work as she is very comfortable with it, due to her previous life and work as a performer, 


Anna has been an expert nutritionist for BBC lunchtime news, BBC Radio Leeds & also for Radioaire.

Anna has appeared in Platimun Marie Claire, Essentials, Womens Health & Fitness, the Daily Mirror Newspaper,  The Daily Mail, Bodyfit, and The Yorkshire Wedding magazine and many more

She recently appeared on Steph's Packed Lunch Channel 4 as BWRT expert for emotional/binge eating, and is a regular professional for BBC Radio Leeds.

​Anna has worked and trained with many well known personalities including the hard working actor/comedian

Mr Lenny Henry​ and reflexologist to Lee Murtagh Irish Light Middleweight Boxing Champion.

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