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Corporate & Business

We have a whole team of experts ready to help your business and your employees

Whether you are wanting to look after your employees stress levels, or reduce sick days, and increase moral and productivity.

We can cater for all kinds of health days

Health Checks

Nutritional Seminars

Massage Days

Stress Seminars 

and much more

Also we specialise in "Training the Brain” to help give people the mental freedom and power they deserve. 

​We support employees within businesses, but also company directors, owners and entrepreneurs, who may feel the BIG success is still eluding them, or perhaps the pieces are in place, and yet the results aren't what they wish them to be.


Procrastination, motivation and productivity for business is often key issues.


We can help improve,  not only individuals mental health and success,  but their business's health and success to a whole new level.

Please contact us to discuss your company's unique requirements.

bwrt leeds

Train your brain for success

Health Days

Destress your staff


Inspire, motivate and educate

Working Together

Lower sick days increase moral and productivity

Health at Work

Health at work


Health checks and guidance

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